“Dans toutes les photographies, c’est bien du temps qu’il s’agit; du temps qui glisse entre les doigts, entre les yeux, du temps des choses et des gens, du temps des lumières et des émotions, du temps qui jamais plus ne sera comme avant.” — Jeanloup Sieff



Italian-born Enrico discovered photography in his early teens. His studies, job and more generally his life made him travelling around the world, always with a camera around his neck. 

In 2009, Enrico meets with French photographer Flore,  who helps him explore the timeless beauty of analog processes and thanks to her tutoring, Enrico starts developing his personal photographic approach. 

Still today, his work is mostly analog and often hand-printed, with a preference for B&W, Polaroid and cross-processing. 

After a several years in Hong Kong, Enrico moved back to Europe, now living and working in Switzerland.


Fixing the passing of time is the very essence of photography. In my photographs I try to add a timeless angle; by avoiding linking the image to a specific moment, it then belongs to anyone and to everyone. 

There are very few people, if any, while nature has an important role.However, the human element is very much indirectly present. Accordingly it is somehow suggested, often by an object from our daily life. 


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