#24photography in lockdown

I have been part of the 24photography collective for many years now. We have been always portraying the first day of the year through the lenses of 24 photographs, one picture each hour. Is this virus the start of a new year?  Lockdown is shown around the globe, in different ways. Here in HK we are lucky (for the time being…) that we can still go around and have a quasi normal life. It looks there is a new normal though. A before and an after. 

We have been featured on the BBC website. Stay tuned, more photos will come.

Yet another year

Our annual photo exhibition opens this Sunday - Feb. 24th. The show is now in its 16th year, two thirds of the way through our journey and we’d like you to join us for our anniversary in the heart of Soho.  We are excited to announce that Ed Kashi, American photojournalist and member of VII Photo, will be curating our 16th anniversary show, which runs for 24 days from Sunday 24 February. If you manage to come you will discover which picture has been chosen out of these three.

Soho Square, Soho, London W1. Sunday 24.2.19 – Tuesday 19.3.19 Private view: Sunday 24:02:19 13:00-15:00. 


Chain letter…

I usually avoid chain letters but when a good friend of mine tagged me on Facebook requesting to post 7 B&W photos of my daily life, no people, no explanation, I decided to follow. Results are shown below. It has been a funny exercise, requesting some diligence and commitment. From time to time, constraints prove to be source of creativity. 

Time for silence

I visited the beaches of the D-day in French Normandy. Most of the museums provide for an interactive experience with lots of objects and dummies starring as if they were real. 

There are a number of photos, a few colour ones. These latters seem so recent and actually the events took place only two generations ago: I still remember my grandmother talking about the war. 

Many other photos picture young soldiers who, one side or the other, gave up their life. A total waste in the name of freedom / power. The sing of the seagulls fills the silence. 

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